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Wulff Architects office


Named after its founder and President, Al Wulff, Wulff Architects was envisioned in 1992 as a community of architects and designers working together to advance both commercial design and the craft of building. Since then, we have assembled a brilliant and versatile team that together possesses skills and specialties ranging from planning and architecture, to carrying out the important details that make our projects inventive and overall memorable. Our firm is presently located in the charming Shell Oil historic building in central Philadelphia, as the city provides an ideal space for both ingenuity and innovation. Wulff Architects has evolved over the years into a collaborative firm with an exceptional history of building and, thanks to our great team, has grown in the areas of interior design, site design, and planning.


Wulff Architects is licensed to practice architecture in the following states:

- Pennsylvania

- New Jersey

- New York

- Virginia

- Delaware

- Maryland

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