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Having sat vacant for a few years, this pad site was given the opportunity for development when the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia expressed a need for a satellite outpatient facility. This project is a collaborative effort between CHOP and a local developer, which made staying within the construction budget and meeting an aggressive schedule top priorities in the design and development process. It is currently under construction and completion is anticipated in Spring 2018.


This shell building is designed to meet the needs of CHOP’s growing healthcare organization, yet it remains fluid enough to accommodate the constantly changing market. A primary goal of this project was to increase the number of examination rooms to accommodate new providers, treat an increased number of patients, reduce current wait times, and facilitate future growth in a competitive market.


The new Care Network site for CHOP provides a greater continuum of care to CHOP’s patients and families by being conveniently located in close proximity to CHOP’s existing Specialty Care & Surgery Center. The building’s architecture creates a beacon at the main entrance with its height and large storefront windows. It lets an abundance of natural light into the waiting area, aids in patient wayfinding, and distinguishes it from the adjacent Surgery Center. Intuitive wayfinding like this is particularly important in healthcare facilities because it alleviates stress on parents and caregivers seeking care for their loved ones.

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