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Drew Perry—owner and Head Brewer of Double Nickel Brewing Company—decided to return to his home state of New Jersey to start his own brewery, so he could use his own recipes and share his brewing experience with friends and family. The facility, located only minutes outside of Philadelphia, is housed in a former gymnasium.


The 20,000 square foot main floor includes the "Brew Room" complete with 6 fermenters, 2 brite tanks, 1 bottling station, and the boiler room. The main floor also comprises of a crush room, wort room, and the tasting room. The tasting room houses a 40 foot long bar and ample tabletop seating for visitors. The beer cooler is situated on top of the building’s old swimming pool, and the storage area still has an old basketball net, which serves as both a reminder of the building's history and a welcomed distraction during the day.


​The 1,600 square foot mezzanine provides additional seating and a birds-eye view of the facility. High exposed ceilings and material choices, such as stainless steel, corrugated metal and concrete, reinforce the facility's industrial aesthetic. A butt-glazed partition behind the bar allows for an expansive view into the "Brew Room." The brewery's current capacity is 3,000 to 4,000 bbls per year, with plans to increase volume by adding a more tanks in the future.

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