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The development was conceptualized as a comfortable neighborhood setting for the long-term dwelling of individuals with traumatic brain injuries. This living environment stands, both aesthetically and philosophically, in start contrast to the institutional setting typically available to people with this type of injury.


A 20,000 square foot "Structured Day" facility is located at the main entrance to the neighborhood. It hosts daily activities and common amenities including a movie theater, a cafeteria, classrooms, counseling offices, occupational and physical therapy, and administrative functions. Behind this facility are separate Residential Houses. Each house accommodates 8 Residents, living in individual rooms, and their Caregivers. The Residents' rooms surround a central Great Room that includes a family style kitchen, dining table and living room. A large cupola in the center of the room, directly above the dining table, provides abundant natural light. Patios on both the front and rear of the building provide direct access to a circuit of walking paths around the neighborhood.

The walking paths plan an important role in the cohesive neighborhood design. They are designed to maximize the Resident;s opportunities to safely engage in outdoor activities. The paths ring the site and have physical and therapeutic amenities, such as basketball, shuffle alley, bocce and raised bed gardening, at regular intervals to provide exercise and promote social interaction.

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