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MediCOOL Urgent Care Prototype


MediCool is a pioneering new approach to healthcare delivery that draws from successful retail and hospitality strategies to empower providers to win and manage more covered lives. The core values of convenience, comfort, confidence, connectedness, and cost effectiveness are woven throughout the physical design of the facility to improve visitors’ psychological well-being. Patients’ needs are addressed from the moment they walk in the front door until the minute they leave. They are greeted by a soothing concierge desk, efficiently seen by excellent clinicians, can fill their prescriptions right on-site, and obtain referrals to specialists or follow-up care within the same facility.


This full continuum of care is accomplished through a variety of inventive planning strategies. Flexible exam rooms allow co-locating of primary, urgent and specialty care services in “time-shared” exam rooms. Hours and services are determined by ongoing demand analysis, just as a retailer does to optimize their yield via an ever-changing merchandizing mix. MediCool also utilizes efficient, expandable care modules that share core services such as imaging, billing, staff support, dispensary, etc. while creating distinct patient environments for each user group. Sharing core services reduces cost while optimizing the facility’s ROI and future growth potential. These care modules can be added or subtracted as necessary to fit expansion needs such as: infusion therapy, enhanced imagining, advanced telemedicine, other specialty care applications.


The MediCool model employs predictive data analytics to identify and prioritize “gap” markets, ideal locations and facility programming. This ensures new outpatient facilities are strategically located in target markets to better serve their existing patient base while simultaneously capturing new market share. This metric-driven, patient-focused brand of healthcare delivery establishes itself as the most visible, comforting and confidence-inducing continuum of care offered by any health system in the region.

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