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Memphis Flats is a mixed-use condominium conversion of three existing textile buildings that have played a proud role in the history of Philadelphia’s Fishtown Community.  The complex was built by Philadelphia Phillies owner A.J. Reach between the late 19th and early 20th century and served as a sporting goods store and factory that was most noted for being the official manufacturer of the American League’s baseballs from 1876 until 1934. The property was subsequently used by Pepsi-Cola Bottling Company and Nabisco (from where it became affectionately known as the Popcorn Factory). Most recently owned by an automobile tire distributor, the buildings were left as an eyesore and the site a dangerous blight to the neighborhood. With the support of the surrounding community and a vision for urban renewal, a local developer purchased the property, which was in conditions of varying degrees of deterioration. During a two year renovation, the structures were documented and thoroughly rehabilitated from their foundations to their roofs.  These modifications emphasized a contemporary design, while preserving and highlighting the unique historical features of the original structures.  The adaptive reuse now houses 72 loft-style dwelling units and an entire floor of commercial, retail, storage and common amenities. Along with the abundant site improvements, this building restoration has revitalized this city block to a proud, thriving and beautiful focal point for the emerging community.

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